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The Footie File

By David McBride

In Trap We Trust

Giovani Trapattoni, manager of the Republic of Ireland football team
                       Republic of Ireland manager, Giovanni Trapattoni         Photo: David Maher /SPORTSFILE 

There truly is no better time than the present to begin work on this football column for Parting Glass Media.  The European Championships begin in just days, and Ireland will once again take the field in a major tournament. 

A look at the the squad sheet, and the draw as well, may lead one to believe Ireland is a massive long-shot to even make it past the group stage.  But a glance towards the bench and even the most pessimistic fan can find a ray of hope.

The Republic of Ireland has a difficult mountain before them, of that there is no doubt.  But their guide for this journey is Giovanni Trapattoni, perhaps the most accomplished living coach in football.  “Trap’s” resume is as impressive as any in sport, and if anyone can figure a way through the minefield, it is Trap.

The group they face is nothing short of treacherous, a nightmare scenario really.  They face Croatia, Italy and Spain.  They could conceivably lose every game and no one would be surprised.  But something tells me Trapattoni doesn’t have the word “winless” in his vocabulary, even in Italian. 

It has been a decade since the Republic of Ireland qualified for a major tournament, and many supporters of the boys in green should rightfully be proud of what has already been achieved.  But believe me when I tell you, for Giovanni Trapattoni qualification is but a distant memory.

Before the tournament begins, I will have a more in depth preview Ireland’s group, so check back for that in the coming days.
In Trap We Trust


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