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Chris, Edward and David sit down in David's home bar to reminisce and chew the holiday fat about the annual tradition of presenting a radio rendition of Charles Dicken's A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Every year for at least the past decade, The Bleecker Street Cafe, a show conceived to be a virtual coffee house on the air shutters the windows, heats up the "smoking bishop" and engages in an all out, free form romp through the pages of this iconic novel of redemption. Join Chris, Edward and David as they discuss their transformation from show hosts and co-hosts into The Bleecker Street Players and wax in the remembrance of some other members and friends who have graced the yearly gathering of the troop.

The Bleecker Street Cafe airs every Friday afternoon from noon until 3 pm on WDVR FM 89.7 Delaware Township, NJ or 91.9 Lawrenceville, Princeton and Trenton NJ. It also can be heard on the internet at www.wdvrfm.org.

All episodes of Sit Downs and Sessions are available for download to your device on iTunes. 

Introduction to A CHRISTMAS CAROL

David McBride's Home Pub

Introduction to A CHRISTMAS CAROL

Introduction to A CHRISTMAS CAROL

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