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Chris, Edward and David venture down to Bucks County, Pennsylvania to visit the "secret lair" of BARLEYJUICE a popular and rousing Celtic music inspired band. They call it, "Pan-Celtic-Rock." The secret lair is actually a lovely 250 year old colonial era house which serves as a residence for Kyf Brewer the lead vocalist and the band's practice space. We all sit in a circle amidst instruments, amplifiers, mic stands and chords. There's some jawboning, fellowship and some fabulous tunes. Why don't you grab a Guinness and join us? Love to have you.

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Interview with BARLEYJUICE

Barleyjuice as seen in PartingGlassmedia.com

     Kyf Brewer:  lead vocals and guitar

     Keith "Swanny" Swanson: bouzouki and mandolin

     Shelly Weiss:  fiddle

     Eric Worthington: bass

     Gregor Schroeder - absent: drums

Interview with BARLEYJUICE

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