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A Celebration and a Resource

for the Irish Pub Community

About Us

We love Irish Pubs.
Many, if not most of the important ideas and events in our history, politics, and commerce were born on a bar stool over a pint of fine ale. And, if you are anything at all like us here at PartingGlassMedia.com, some of your fondest personal memories also found their genesis in that uniquely human atmosphere of an Irish pub. As our Editor in Chief, Chris Poh likes to say, "The pub is the parliament of the common man." We might hasten to add that it is also in many ways, a boardroom, a court, a school, and a theater

Our endeavor is to transport you, albeit virtually, to interesting Irish Pubs throughout our country and indeed
around the world. We'd also like to recreate as much as possible in this format all of the goings-on there; the conversation, the poetry, the debate, the music and the fun. There is always a song to sweeten the trip and sometimes a podcast conversation to add a living voice.

 Perhaps what PartingGlassMedia.com is all about can best be expressed in our slogan,

Glasses Raised . . . Spirits Lifted . . . Journeys Shared

If all this sounds intriguing, "sit deep and come often; you're one of the folks."

Slainte Agus Siochain!

The Staff of PartingGlassMedia.com

Chris Poh, Editor-in-chief

Chris Poh

Editor-in-Chief, Podcaster General

Chris brings a good measure of diversity and experience to his role at PartingGlassMedia. He has worked in the hospitality industry for many years in a number of different capacities including once owning a pub and restaurant in Hoboken, New Jersey called Rogue's Gallery. His love for Irish pubs has been cultivated by his appreciation for  the camaraderie and communion found inside.

Chris has worked in advertising, media sales, public relations and he was a history teacher. He also has an extensive background in broadcasting, and is currently beginning his twenty-first year as host of The Bleecker Street Cafe at New Jersey public radio station WDVR-FM.


Edward F. Petersen

Creative Director, Web Master, Contributing Editor 

Edward was an art director in the advertising industry for fifteen years. Most recently he has worked as a freelance commercial artist. He is a professionally published author and is captivated by the story and soul of great Irish pubs, the music therein and the elixirs which they serve.

Edward is also the producer and co-host of The Bleecker Street Cafe broadcast on WDVR FM.

David McBride

Audio Media Director, Irish Sports Director, Contributing Editor

David is a prominent, professional, performing musician. He plays solo and in a trio called The Barely Covered Band.  His repertoire covers a variety of musical styles, but his renditions of Irish songs, both traditional and modern are truly crowd pleasers especially around the High Holy Day. He is also a distinguished football manager of several varsity and travel teams (real footie, not the American version).

David has been involved in radio as well being the sportscaster for his college radio station, WSOU at Seton Hall University back in the day.

Alan W. Runfeldt

Technical Director

Alan has been engaged in professional technical consulting, systems development, public presentation & training of technical subjects for 20 years. His primary focus has been the internet environment since 1995. He specializes  in developing and managing interactive web-based data systems, surveys and reports.

Alan is also a preeminent mover and shaker in the letterpress printing world. He maintains a brick and mortar print-shop, a printing press museum, and an interesting and informative website: http://excelsiorpress.org/.

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