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Welcome! Please grant us the pleasure of your company as we visit a pub, attend an online concert or engage in a podcast conversation. We shall endeavor to present here the prominent, the traditional, the unusual and the just plain fun.  

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The bar at The Rose and Crown in Lewes DE as seen in PartinGlassMedia.com
The Bar at The Rose and Crown in Lewes, Delaware

We visit The Rose and Crown in Lewes, Delaware. The O'Hare family, one with a decidedly solid Irish heritage, re-establishes a popular pub with an English flare near the coast of Delaware where the beaches are not quite so frantic, the area is rich in history and the repasts delectable herein. Why did an Irishman along with his partner, the locally renowned Chef, Jay Caputo, keep the Anglophile character? It could have something to do with the spirit of detente established around here during the War of 1812. You'll have to read the article to understand what we mean.

Private Quinn's pub in Harper's ferry WV as seen in PartingGlassMedia.com
Private Quinn's Pub in Harper's Ferry

We ramble down to West Virgina to vist a pub which honors the first Irishman to give his last full measure and arguably the very first casualty in the U.S. Civil War. Private Luke Quinn a member of the Marine Corps was killed in 1859 during the attempt to recapture the United States Arsenal in Harper's Ferry in what was then Virginia from John Brown's abolitionist insurgents.

Muskerry Arms in County Cork, Ireland as seen in PartingGlassMedia.com
Muskerry Arms in County Cork, Ireland
Kiss the Blarney Stone and then enjoy a pint at an iconic pub in County Cork, Ireland.

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APHR was at the confluence of the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers in Easton, PA visiting a great new brewpub. Click on the pic to check out our thoughts.
Two Rivers Brewing Company in Easton. Pa as seen in Parting Glass Media

The staff of Parting Glass Media is proud to partner with another outstanding publican who like ourselves values a good chat as much as we value a good pint. We invite you to listen to this uniquely-themed podcast where great conversations blend with the atmosphere of a lovely old  Pub. Grab a wee bit of what cures you, and tuck in, with
  Tithe Tábhairn
We have crossed the pond with the purpose of experiencing the joys found in the birthplace of Irish Pubs. We hope to travel with you to many more.

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"Here's to a temperance supper,
With water in glasses tall,
And coffee and tea to end with
And me not there at all!"
They say that there is at least one Irish pub in every corner of the world from Abu Dhabi to Zapatoca. There certainly are a preponderance of them here in America. Come with us and raise a pint in every one we can possibly visit in a lifetieme.

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So many pubs, such little time!
 De Menno's Diary of Beer
Jonathan De Menno as seen in PartingGlassMedia.com

Jonathan De Menno provides his insights and recommendations regarding our favorite tawny, earthy elixir.

RUNA draws on the diverse musical backgrounds of its band members and offers a contemporary and refreshing approach to traditional and more recently composed Celtic material.  Through their repertoire of both highly energetic and graceful, acoustic melodies, along with their fusion of music from Ireland, Scotland, Canada, and the United States, this vocal and instrumental ensemble gives its arrangements of traditional songs and tunes a fresh sound.

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Runa as seen in partingGlassMedia.com
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Acorn Hall in Morristown, NJ as seen in Sit Downs and Sessions in PartingGlassMedia.com
Join us at a prominent Pub, a studio, a stage or just in the living room of an interesting raconteur for an enlightening and entertaining conversation of interest to the entire pub community.

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Reflections Through the Glass
City Tavern in Philadelphia, PA as seen in PartingGlassMedia.com
One Door Closes, and Maybe, Just Maybe–Another One Opens

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